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Image by Sarah Brown


Reiki to Happiness - Lynsey Clarke

I have studied in Reiki level one and two and have been practicing professionally since 2018. 

Reiki came into my life when I was at a crossroads and was something I had only intended to do for myself. Once I had trained, I realised what a valuable tool this was to help others who were also at a crossroads in their life. I was amazed to see the transformation in clients both physically and emotionally, even after one session. 

I do not believe you need to be spiritual to benefit from Reiki, I feel it is about holding that space and allowing yourself to heal from the inside out. To me Reiki should be available to everyone of all ages, wherever you are at in your journey. Wether it’s to tackle that niggle you have in your shoulder, to balance your emotions or just to make time for yourself to relax. 

I pride myself in providing a safe, beautiful, cosy and relaxing environment for you whilst you have reiki and do not believe in the ‘one in one out’ approach. Sessions are booked to fit around you and there is ample time for feedback at the end. My aim is to make you as excited about your journey as I am.

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