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I am a qualified yoga teacher and an experienced teacher in both Dance and Early Years education, working both in the UK and Internationally. I first started practising yoga in 2002 alongside my professional dance training, however my true connection began in Thailand under the inspiring teacher Minh Lowe, where I developed a regular Ashtanga and Vinyasa practice.

After spending many years within the dance world, where you are constantly striving for perfection and to be the best. Yoga was a breath of fresh air - A place where you are encouraged to let go of your ego, honour your body, listen to your inner voice, unite body, mind and soul and begin "Living Yoga". The beauty of yoga is that it is a personal journey, it's not about what the person next to you can achieve or about being the best in the class. It's about being the best version of you in that present moment! And that means honouring yourself even on our bad days. As stated in the Bhagavad Gita - "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” 

I strongly believe that yoga is for everyone, if you can breathe… then you can do yoga! Once you dive deeper into the practise of yoga beyond the physical Asanas, you'll find that it has the answers to so many of life's questions. Uniting your mind, body and soul both on and off the mat. In my classes I aim to create a supportive, safe and nurturing space where each individual is encouraged to listen to their bodies and explore their own self through their movement and breathe, whilst remaining in the present moment. I wish to ignite the passion of yoga in each of my students, so that they too, delve into the journey of Living Yoga and embrace it as part of their daily life.

My yoga training has been a truly inspiring journey, it continues to teach me daily what true living Yoga is about and how it can transform your whole life - to believe in oneself, listen to the inner voice within the calm moments and to always see beauty in the world around us.

I am forever grateful for my wonderful family, friends and students who believe in me and consistently support me on this journey. To my teachers Minh Lowe, Wenche Beard, Eva Kristlova and Penelope Thurgood, for passing on all their years of knowledge. My wonderful grandmother for bringing poetry and buddhism into my life and finally for the art of yoga providing me the courage to embrace the twists and turns that life throws at us.

May our journey through life continue to unravel together and I look forward to you joining me on the mat and becoming part of our Living Yoga community.

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