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Yoga Child's Pose


“Yoga is firstly for individual growth, but through individual growth, society and community develop.”  

B.K.S. Iyengar

" I have practised yoga for a few years now, but I had always struggled to stay focused and motivated during classes. Yet, when I joined Charly's online classes, I felt welcomed straight away! Her sessions always help me get into the right frame of mind to have a productive day. I thoroughly enjoy all of Charly's classes and highly recommend her. "

Suzie - Kent, UK

I trust Charlotte's judgement and knowledge of the Yoga & Early Years implicitly. As a trained primary teacher I was already familiar with the primary national curriculum but was not as well versed in the Early Years Framework & how to create a more holistic approach to my work. Charlotte demonstrated her advanced knowledge and understanding of what is best practice for our youngest learners. Charlotte supported me in taking on a new role as the Special Educational Needs co-ordinator for our school. She guided me through setting up a SEN register and supported me in observing children with additional needs as well as encouraging me to take on extra training for my own professional development. Charlotte created a positive, trusting and collaborative ethos around the school and her excellent relationship with all staff members allowed everyone to perform to their highest potential. She really is an asset to the Early Years community.

Kate - Thailand

"I have a physical job and as a result have suffered with back issues for a number of years. Since starting yoga lessons with Charly, I’ve noticed a great improvement in my mobility and flexibility. 
As a keen runner I’ve also seen a massive difference with my recovery, Charly has given me a number of Yoga poses which help with stretching out key areas whilst also aiding with injury prevention. 
As a beginner, and always thinking Yoga wasn’t for me, she has made yoga really accessible to me and it is now the highlight of my week, this is all thanks to Charly!"

William - Kent, UK

“ Ever since starting our private yoga sessions with Charly my husband and I have felt so much better in ourselves. We look forward to our evening session every week! Charly helps us to physically and mentally unwind and we couldn’t recommend her more highly. Charly has tailored her teaching methods to suit our individual needs and having both had lots of yoga experience we can safely say she’s the best! ”

Katy & Chris - East Sussex, UK

Charlotte’s passion for a holistic approach to early years education, is apparent in everything she does. She completely redesigned our setting by implementing a Reggio Emilia / Hygge style to the indoor and outdoor learning environment. She is an incredibly driven leader, who brings out the best in her team and has a real talent for gaining staff trust and buy-in to a collective vision. In this way Charlotte completely transformed our setting into a place where the children in her care could thrive and feel safe while exploring their world through play.

Jen - China

" Charly’s yoga classes are amazing, not only is she clear with her direction and encouraging, it is always a joy to see her enthusiasm for every session, it puts a smile on my face every time! I always look forward to these sessions, helping me to get out of bed and a great way to kickstart a positive mindset for a productive day! It’s so rewarding seeing a progression in your own personal abilities once yoga becomes part of your weekly routine and Charly is with you every step of the way. These classes will benefit you physically and mentally! "

Katie - Kent, UK

" My first experience of yoga was a wonderful one! Charly has such a calm, knowledgable approach to her practice and is clearly passionate about what she teaches. Charly really listened to what I wanted to achieve in our session and provided plenty of alternatives to allow me to push myself or to modify if I found anything too tricky. I felt such a sense of achievement and cannot wait for my next session. "

Lynsey - East Sussex, UK

" I am new to yoga and practicing with Charly has been an amazing introduction. My classes with her (both online and private sessions) are the perfect balance of practice and meditation, meaning I leave with a greater understanding of yoga and technique as well as feeling empowered for the day. Classes are pitched perfectly with variations offered in a way that encourages you to own your practice. She will get you hooked! "

Kerry - Kent, UK

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